PPO Serve

Optimal health starts with value-based care.

We simplify value-based care and support medical professionals and patients through smart systems and multidisciplinary teams.

For Doctors.

Get support to provide value-based care to GEMS patients, a guaranteed income, and value-based payments.

For Patients.

GEMS members can receive improved healthcare and out-of-hospital benefits and guidance without any extra costs.

For Medical Schemes.

Replace the fee-for-service model and save more with stronger primary healthcare performance, and reduced hospitalisations.

Why Value-Based Care?

The key to providing holistic and integrated medical care in South Africa.

PPO Serve’s proactive approach to healthcare matches services with patient needs and facilitates efficient private practices using a team for better integrated care and more affordable healthcare services.

End-to-end care

Multidisciplinary teams support patients at every stage.

Reduced costs

Our model enables high volumes of patient care with reduced costs over time.

Performance transparency

Smart systems ensure practices can access accurate reports.


Teamwork supports larger cost-effective practices, lowering scheme premiums.

For Doctors

Deploy a value-based care model of patient care delivery.

We provide GP practices with the support they need to deliver value-based care to their GEMS patients with multidisciplinary teams, a digital patient management system, data-informed reports and scheme fund management.

For Doctors
For Patients

As a GEMS member, receive additional benefits at no extra cost.

By visiting a doctor in our value-based care programme, you get improved medical care from a multidisciplinary team, an in-depth understanding of your health and guidance from people invested in your well-being.

The Value Care Team

Systematic support for GP practices, patients and medical schemes.

The Value Care Team is our population medicine programme designed to improve the healthcare system by supporting clinicians to deploy a value-based care model of patient care.

A team of
medical professionals

Care coordinators and allied health professionals.

Efficient administration

Practice transformation coaches provide support and guidance.

Improved benefits

Patients get consistent benefits that don’t run out at year's end.

A way forward

Providing proactive personalised healthcare to align with the NHI vision.


Clinicians get remunerated for improved clinical outcomes leading to healthier patients and more loyal members.

Successful results

We have run two successful long-term pilots of our value-based programme in Alberton and the north of Pretoria.

Low-risk model

The value-based care contracts transfer no financial risk from the medical scheme to the clinical team.
For Medical Schemes

We work with medical schemes to give their members value-based care.

We’ve partnered with GEMS to give their patients holistic care and invite any other medical schemes interested in addressing South Africa’s dysfunctional healthcare system to join us.

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