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We help clinicians deliver Value Based Care by creating products delivered by collaborative multidisciplinary teams, that puts them in control of the care of patients and fairly remunerates them for the value they produce.

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Our health sector in South Africa is not sustainable. It causes frustration and prevents the delivery of the care your patients need.

It doesn’t recognise the value you produce and is becoming more controlling. It forces you to work alone, making it hard to collaborate with your colleagues. It is difficult to access comprehensive information about your patients. Every year Medical Scheme cover becomes more unaffordable for patients.

We have a solution that will put you back in control and allow you to practice medicine as you were trained – in a way that is safe for you, both clinically & financially.

We help clinicians to form their own multidisciplinary teams by providing them with all the tools needed to set up a successful business. This includes legal compliance & the framework needed to run the business.

Rather than offering services, we can help you to structure a clinical product for your patients that delivers real value. Our tools achieve continuous improvement in clinical and operational processes.

This is Value Based Care

About PPO Serve

The PPO Serve team has many years of experience in the healthcare industry with a good balance of clinical, analytical, business strategy, product development and project management expertise.

Our partners include the Foundation for Professional Development & our IT development company Stone Three Venture Technologies.

  1. The ICS is a comprehensive clinical workflow system for Value Based Care. It has tasks and decision support that reflects patient complexity, uniquely designed for use by Multi-Disciplinary Teams whose priority is better service and outcomes for their patients. It is cloud based and is scalable. It is a shared patient-centric patient management system, a radical and unique departure from the conventional electronic medical record. The ICS provides proactive clinical workflow in care plans to optimise patient care. Tasks are diagnostic, investigations and therapeutic. The process generates new data to refines care plans, including disease severity scores, disability, psycho-social and environment information. It also hosts a medical history ‘label’ plus a risk score for every patient, derived from medical scheme data, created by our Episode Population Grouper (EPG). The clinical info and the risk score then trigger appropriate severity-related care plan tasks. Combined ICS information informs reports for the enrolled populations outcomes which guides the Team’s improvement efforts, closing the clinical management accountability loop.
  2. The Value Care Team (TVCT) is our population medicine product. The first region was in Alberton for Discovery Health members, and the second for GEMS members in the north of Pretoria. These are ‘value based care’ contracts – teams are funded by risk adjusted monthly global fees plus a link to outcomes. The team is led by General Practitioners working with Nurse Care Coordinators and allied healthcare professionals – Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and a Palliative Care doctor. As well as better chronic disease care, the team focuses on disability and the psychological, social and environmental factors that are the major challenges for patients and their families.
  3. The GP Care Cell is our HIV screening and treatment product with Gauteng Health Department. It first operated in Tshwane and then Ekhuruleni with a CDC grant and is now operating in City of Johannesburg on a USAID grant. PPO Serve manages a network of regional GP practices, including their access to ARTs and lab tests and provides the systems for clinical and stock information capture and tracking.
  4. The Birthing Team (TBT) is our maternity product with frontline midwifes supported by Obstetricians, working together to provide affordable, high quality care for their shared patients. An upfront guaranteed global fee reflects each mother’s needs. Launched in mid-2017, the team approach was very successful in demonstrating an alternative to the typical single obstetric model, and there are now many copies. However, TBT is no longer offered or supported by PPO Serve.