Integrated Clinical Consortia™ are healthcare professionals working together in local teams, organised around the patient, focused on proactive, coordinated and quality medical care. Learn moreCall us

Healthcare is a team sport, currently being played by individuals

Who we are

PPO Serve or Professional Provider Organisation Services is a shared services hub for clinicians. Our goal is to create transformed healthcare systems for people through helping the establishment of Integrated Clinical Consortia™
We are supported by the Foundation of Professional Development (FPD).

What we do

We support clinicians in creating, implementing and managing Integrated Clinical Consortia™. We do this through a complete support infrastructure including a tailor-made toolkit and Intelligent Care System.

Why are we doing it

Building Integrated Clinical Consortia™ is the means to stop fragmented care in the South African Healthcare system. These teams look after the care of entire communities transforming the private healthcare system into one that can treat more people at a lower cost.

How we are doing it

PPO Serve business model

Current international experience shows us that there’s a better way. PPO Serve offers a solution that delivers quality care because the clinician is in control. It operates on four principles, supported by intelligent technology and management tools:

  1.  Population health care: Defined patient populations are linked to accountable healthcare systems, comprising of integrated clinical teams that are tailored to provide patients with best quality care.
  2.  Integrated clinical teams are effective coordinated working clinician teams. Teamwork brings back support and a structured and flexible work environment.
  3.  Individualised care plans: Patient centered care where care each patient’s care plan is personalised for their needs and preferences. They are designed by autonomous clinicians using evidence to achieve quality outcomes.
  4.  Value based contracting: Funding in a Value Contract replaces ‘fee for service’ reimbursement where clinicians must work and earn alone. Medical Schemes pay clinicians in teams based not on the quantity of services provided but instead on patient satisfaction and outcomes.

These principles are enabled by an Intelligent Care System and turnkey management and operational support. The new system leads to better care for populations, more satisfactory experience for individuals and for clinicians and is more affordable.


Frustrated by working alone and jaded by the lack of clinical challenge? PPO Serve provides you with the opportunity to be part of an Integrated Clinical Consortia™. These are self-owned, merit incentivised groups of clinicians that serve patients in a local area – as a team! At its heart is patient satisfaction and quality medical outcomes, moving away from fee for service, authorisations and administration to guaranteed rewards for the team for what they always should have been providing– great medical care. Learn more

Medical Schemes

Receive better value from the healthcare system for your members. PPO Serve supports Integrated Clinical Consortia™ to change the way healthcare is delivered and funded -from fragmented fee paying services to patient-centred value. The Value Contract links appropriate access, comprehensive benefits and quality outcomes with appropriate rewards for the team of clinicians. Learn more


Imagine healthcare differently. Integrated Clinical Consortia™ are healthcare professionals working together in local teams, organised around you, focused on proactive, coordinated and quality medical care. This ensures that you receive the right care at the right time without gaps or unnecessary wasteful care. A contract with your medical scheme ensures the clinical team makes the right choices, rewards quality care and decreases administration hassles. Learn more

Our Partners

The Foundation of Professional Development was established in 1997, as a higher education institute. FPD’s mission is to catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions

FPD are an ideal partner for PPO Serve in terms of technical expertise, breath of operations, healthcare credibility and influence.

Stone Three develops bespoke enterprise software engineering solutions for industry leaders. Through the process of co-discovery, we have partnered with each other to overcome the healthcare system’s technological challenges of having a system that is more than just an EMR. The Intelligent Care System is one that will enable the Integrated Clinical Consortia to not only bring their encounter data to the team, but allow for measuring and monitoring of their daily work and the performance of the ICC™ for reporting to the medical schemes.

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