We help clinicians deliver Value Based Care by creating products delivered by collaborative multidisciplinary teams, that puts them in control of the care of patients and fairly remunerates them for the value they produce.

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Our health sector in South Africa is not sustainable. It causes frustration and prevents the delivery of the care your patients need.

It doesn’t recognise the value you produce and is becoming more controlling. It forces you to work alone, making it hard to collaborate with your colleagues. It is difficult to access comprehensive information about your patients. Every year Medical Scheme cover becomes more unaffordable for patients.

We have a solution that will put you back in control and allow you to practice medicine as you were trained – in a way that is safe for you, both clinically & financially.

We help clinicians to form their own multidisciplinary teams by providing them with all the tools needed to set up a successful business. This includes legal compliance & the framework needed to run the business.

Rather than offering services, we can help you to structure a clinical product for your patients that delivers real value. Our tools achieve continuous improvement in clinical and operational processes.

This is Value Based Care

Our Products

Value Based Care

Join one of our existing Value Based Care products.

  • The Birthing Team®
  • GP Care Cell
  • Population Health Care

Value Based Teams

We assist you in setting up a Value Based Team to charges global fees within the current legal frameworks.

Value Based Products

Use our patient care management system (ICS) to deliver Value Based Care. We design Value Based Products for you; priced as a global fee.

Value Based Consulting

Let us help you understand Value Based Care. We do this through consulting; policy input for your executive team; and data analytics using our Episode grouper software.

About PPO Serve

The PPO Serve team has many years of experience in the healthcare industry with a good balance of clinical, analytical, business strategy, product development and project management expertise.

Our partners include the Foundation for Professional Development & our IT development company Stone Three Venture Technologies.

  1. Our first Birthing Team was launch in June 2017 at Netcare Rand Hospital in Johannesburg, since then we have rolled additional teams in Pretoria and Durban who have enrolled 550 patients and delivered 250 babies – we are currently working on teams in Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Cape Town.
  2. Our 1st Population Health product went live in Alberton with a Discovery Health Value Based Contract that looks after over 6,000 patients – we are currently working on rolling out a GEMS Value Based Contract countrywide
  3. Our GP Care Cell Network went operational earlier in 2018 and is now optional in City of Tshwane and Ekhuruleni with eThekwini soon to follow – this network has already initiated over 300+ public sector patient on ART using government sponsored ARTs and blood tests
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Physical Address: Albury Office Park, Magalieszicht Ave, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa




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