PPO Serve

Value-based care puts patients first.


We build a multidisciplinary team and a clinical IT system around GP practices to help them offer value-based care


Our approach supports GPs and holistic care and appropriately directs medical scheme spending.


We put clinicians back in control by creating an integrated environment that offers efficiency and limitless benefits.
About PPO Serve

Better care. Improved value. Inspired teams.

We are a healthcare management company that, since 2015, has been committed to making healthcare affordable for all South Africans by empowering a strong Primary Healthcare system.

Past Programmes

Discover our past programmes.

The GP Care Cell®
The Birthing Team®
The Value Care Team®
Our Journey

Our journey in value-based care promises a bright future.

In line with the Competition Commission’s recommendations, we have run three demonstrations of clinical programmes with the Value Care Team having two successful pilots and being included within GEMS benefits.

Our Roadmap To Success

Our goal is to roll out the Value Care Team across South Africa.

We are in the process of adding more medical scheme partners and building more multidisciplinary teams to support participating GP practices.


Working with GEMS and other schemes lets us approach practices nationally and build support systems for them.


Practice transformation coaches and master trainers train practices to deliver value-based care.

Contracting GPs

Contracted practices get a practice transformation coach and care coordinators that build them a multidisciplinary team.


We market the programme, using our recruitment strategy and a team of sales professionals.

Meet Our Partner

Dedicated to enriching lives, together.

The Foundation of Professional Development was established in 1997, as a higher education institute. FPD’s mission is to catalyse social change by developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions. They are our ideal partner in terms of technical expertise, breadth of operations, healthcare credibility and influence.

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