Better care for patients

Better care for patients

We are making healthcare services better for you and your family!

Patients tell us that current healthcare system is often confusing and with things happening for unclear reasons including lots of waiting. They feel that they bounce between multiple different clinicians, who don’t talk to each other or share a common care plan. So there’s lots of wasteful duplication of tests and therapies, as well as conflicting information which makes it difficult to make sense of it all.

At PPO Serve we believe that Integrated Clinical Consortia™ are the new way that healthcare should be delivered.  This is how it works:

Care is delivered to all patients by professionals working in teams that are made up of doctors (both general practitioners and specialists) and other health care workers. They work together, with shared support staff and a locally connected electronic Intelligent Care System. The team follows in-patients to the wards (including labour wards) of co-operating hospitals.

The Consortia are organised so that the patients’ medical problem gets the right attention at the right time. The Integrated Care team knows that effective and good quality healthcare makes patients happy and is affordable.

The care plan is personalised for you, comprehensively covering all your medical and social issues and includes your preferences between treatment options.

Clinicians working in a team ensures there is a clear, regular contact with every person who is enrolled with the service, be they pregnant young women or children with blocked ears and winter chest infections to the adult with chronic illness like hypertension and diabetes.

Past medical problems are carefully noted over many years, and the combined story leads to a well-thought-out care plan for every person. This plan is embedded in an Intelligent Care System and leads to ongoing care that is planned and effective, and has no gaps or any waste.


The sooner you join, and the longer you’re a member, the more the team knows about your issues and your preferences, leading to higher quality and a better experience of care and to greater satisfaction.

In order to get care in this manner, your Medical Scheme needs to back the formation of these Integrated Clinical Consortia™ teams in a formal contract. This contract supports the clinical team to make the right decisions for you because it measures and rewards quality care. That also means that the contract makes life easier for you… empowering the clinical team to make decisions means calls to your Scheme for authorisation and to enquire about claim payment just aren’t needed.


PPO Serve helps clinicians to form an Integrated Clinical Consortia ™, and we negotiate on their behalf with the Medical Schemes. We do all of this because our aim is to give you and your family access to better care!