PPO Serve

Putting GPs at the centre of healthcare.

We organise the team, IT System and fund management to assist with proactive care to GEMS patients.

How Does It Work?

Value-Based Care rewards practices for good outcomes.

We provide GPs with a practice transformation coach who manages a multidisciplinary team of nurse care coordinators and allied healthcare professionals that assist in providing targeted care to their GEMS patients.


GPs thrive through value-based care with our guidance.


Our data-driven approach and risk stratification facilitates proactive care.


We provide the team with a system to focus practice efforts.


GP practice remuneration rewards good patient health outcomes.

Signup Process

Join us and register your GP practice, today.

We invite all GP practices interested in providing holistic proactive care to their GEMS patients to apply to join our value-based care programme.

Check practice
We evaluate if your practice has sufficient GEMS members.
Let’s get in touch
Our team discusses the requirements that your practice needs to meet.
Sign the service-level agreement, aligning your expectations with ours.
Getting started
We build a team support system around your practice for optimal patient care.
Improving Healthcare

PPO Serve has you covered!

From the application process to the facilitation and management of value-based care in your practice, we are committed to providing guidance and supporting you on your path to success.

Multidisciplinary teams

We provide nurse care coordinators and allied healthcare professionals and more who are managed by our coaches.

Patient management

Our Intelligent Care System offers shared patient information and proactive care plan recommendations.

Fund management

We manage the scheme contract, ensuring a stable income throughout the year, rewards and easy administration.

The Benefits

How do GP practices benefit?

Shared support
Better benefits
Smarter admin
IT support
Qualifying Criteria

How does a GP qualify?

Interested in joining our value-care programme but not sure if your GP practice qualifies? Here are some criteria points to focus on:

  • Number of GEMS patients

    To be suitable to join our value-based care programme, the patient base must consist of sufficient GEMS members*

  • Legal requirements

    GPs need valid registration with the HPCSA, professional indemnity insurance and other legal prerequisites.

  • Other requirements

    There are a few other criteria points that practices need to meet to qualify. Please view them below.

*We are in the process of partnering with other medical schemes. For the time being, this programme is only available for GEMS members. 

Ongoing Support

Maintaining the foundation to deliver value-based care.

Once a GP has a basic structure in place to deliver value-based care in their practice, we provide the system to maintain optimal performance and efficiency.


Our team becomes your team to manage GEMS patient care and scheme relations.

Feedback Loop

Our approach ensures improved communication with all stakeholders.


Our model puts GPs back into their central PHC role.


We offer data reports that target patient interventions and clinical support.

Growing Our Network

Spreading value-based care across South Africa.

More GP practices are joining us on our journey to address our country’s dysfunctional healthcare system. The areas actively providing value-based care to GEMS patients in South Africa include:

GP Qualfying Criteria.

1. Population Health

Participating GP’s will need to have an basic understanding of the VCT model including:

2. Legal Requirements

All practices should be able to provide proof of valid registration with the HPCSA and indemnity insurance including:

3. Infrastructure

Changing a delivery system requires certain minimum infrastructure. The premises should have:

4. Remuneration

The practice should serve a minimum number of attributed patients to make it viable to work within the VCT:

5. Administrative Support

It is essential that practice administrative staff support the programme. The PPO Serve coach will provide training and support and the minimum requirements are:

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