PPO Serve

Driving value for medical schemes.

Our population medicine model organises proactive patient healthcare for efficiency and reduced downstream costs, especially for hospitals.

Benefits for Medical Schemes

Inspired clinicians, happy beneficiaries and loyal members.

By deploying The Value Care Team model, GPs receive the support they need to provide holistic primary healthcare to their patients. System structures improve processes that reduce high hospital costs.


Simplified, cost-effective admin offers further savings which enables improved primary care benefits and outcomes.

Saving Opportunities

Our model prevents duplicated services and unfunded gaps to reduce incidences of unnecessary hospital use and costs.

Why Get Involved?

An insightful, tested and sustainable model of patient care delivery.

We have run successful long-term pilots of The Value Care Team and other multidisciplinary team programmes and have a partnership with GEMS to provide proactive and holistic medical care to its members.

Medical schemes we work with:

How It Works

An optimal system for success.

A functional primary healthcare system that puts GPs at the centre of patient care, supports their work and rewards positive health outcomes brings value to GP Practices, patients and medical schemes alike.

Assisting practices to deliver primary healthcare excellence.

Using multidisciplinary team structures, digital patient management, and data-informed reports allows GP practices to strategically collaborate and drive better healthcare outcomes.

Addressing SA’s dysfunctional healthcare system.

Our approach builds a strong primary healthcare system by replacing the fee-for-service model with one that supports teamwork and clinical outcomes.

Join Today

We invite medical schemes to join us on the journey.

We’ve partnered with GEMS to give their members holistic care and invite any other medical scheme to join us to create a healthier South Africa.

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