“The private healthcare industry is in a race to the bottom – the most stripped down benefits at the cheapest price. “

There is a way to lower costs and grow the membership pool in the private healthcare system…


The South African healthcare system is in need of a change. Competition in a fee for service (FFS) industry pits individual clinicans against each other, prevents teamwork and leads to fragmented care with gaps and waste. The result is poor quality of care and high medical costs – unaffordable for many in need.

International literature shows that shifting to a system that puts quality driven, patient centered, community level team delivered care at its heart results in significant savings for the healthcare system. The backbone of this is a reimbursement shift from FFS to the Value Contract.

This Value Contract links appropriate access, comprehensive benefits and quality outcomes with appropriate rewards for the team of clinicians called an Integrated Clinical Consortia™. These are integrated multidisciplinary, accountable teams who practice quality medicine with collaborative colleagues and good support. They shift care into a community setting, reducing downstream costs and inappropriate settings of care.

PPO Serve supports the development and management of these ICC™ teams. We will engage with you, the funders of care, around how to enhance the management of populations for whom you are responsible.


Contact us to find out how to receive ICC™ care for your population and activate the Value Contract.

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Frustrated by working alone and jaded by the lack of clinical challenge? PPO Serve provides you with the opportunity to be part of an Integrated Clinical ConsortiumTM. These are self-owned, merit incentivised groups of clinicians that serve patients in a local area – as a team! At its heart is patient satisfaction and quality medical outcomes, moving away from fee for service, authorisations and administration to guaranteed rewards for the team for what they always should have been – great medical care. Learn more

Medical Schemes

Received better value from the healthcare system for your members. PPO Serve supports Integrated Clinical ConsortiaTM to change the way healthcare is delivered and funded -from fragmented fee paying services to patient-centred value. The Value Contract links appropriate access, comprehensive benefits and quality outcomes with appropriate rewards for the team of clinicians. Learn more

GP Care Cell

The GP Care Cell (GPCC) is a model of contracting private GPs to provide HIV services on behalf of the Department of Health. Through government and donor funding the GPCC offers free HIV testing services and free HIV treatment for those who test HIV positive. Learn more