“Our purpose is creating transformed commercial healthcare systems that compete on the right basis to make healthcare more affordable for people”

Our Board

Riedwaan Jabaar is a socially inspired executive with over two decades of healthcare experience. He holds a science degree from the University of South Africa (Operations Research and Information Systems), a post-graduate diploma in business management from the University of Witwatersrand and an MBA degree from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria).

He headed up major divisions within Discovery, where he spent 15 years, including several leadership portfolios covering responsibility for data analytics and quality, information delivery and innovation. These roles supporting both the operational and strategic divisions. During his time at Discovery, he was ultimately responsible for all business intelligence and clinical analytics and was a pioneering member of the risk management function.

Riedwaan spent four years at PPO Serve, an innovative start-up he co-founded. As COO and later CEO, he was involved in the design, build and management of a supply-side reengineering business system enabled by an enterprise-scale clinical workflow system supported by the development of episode and population risk adjustment software. PPO Serve has successfully launched and operated three patient-centric products, The Birthing Team; The GP Care Cell and The Value Care Team.

Riedwaan is currently a director and executive responsible for Business Development, Experience and Analytics at Healthforce. Healthforce is an innovative start-up scaling nurse-led telemedicine within the local healthcare sector.

Dr Gustaaf Wolvaardt is a specialist in Internal Medicine with post graduate qualification in higher education and management.

On leaving academic medicine he was appointed as the first South African Health Attaché based at the South African Permanent Mission in Geneva. On returning from Switzerland he established the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) in 1997 where he serves as the Managing Director.

Dr Brian Ruff is a Wits qualified Rheumatolgist and also has a qualification in health economics from UCT.

Around 1994 Brian was involved in the transitional arrangements from the apartheid state to the new state via the Gauteng Province Strategic Management Team and the Hospital Task Team. In 1999, after a brief stint at the National Treasury, he joined Discovery Health where he was  the Head of Strategy and on the Executive Committee.  He was instrumental in the founding and maturation of the Risk Intelligence Division – responsible for clinical data analysis and health information report generation in regard to the cost and quality of healthcare services provided to the membership of the Funds managed by Discovery. Additionally, he initiating and managed various distinctive divisions including the Integrated Care Unit (Discovery Health’s Disease Management work) and the Access Innovation Division (concerned with supply side innovation and reform); wherein collaborative supply side innovation was initiated and supported.

He also worked on a macro economic model of the SA private healthcare sector. The insights from this work was to inform the role the funder plays in aiding providers of care in their provision of integrated, prudent and quality care to the members of the Schemes.

Dirk Wagner works with new clients, helping them define what they really need and understand what is possible and practical, before going back to the development team and coming up with innovative ways to meet those needs. As Business Development Manager, he is also responsible  for ensuring client growth and retention, and is currently focusing heavily on the healthcare sector as a key growth market for Stone Three technology and solutions.

Dirk is equally interested in software engineering,  and the  entrepreneurial / commercial side of venture technology. Using technology to improve lives is something that he is passionate about, and get the opportunity to make a really positive contribution through some of the revolutionary healthcare innovations they are currently developing for local and global clients.

Our Executive Team

Dr Brian Ruff

A Wits qualified Rheumatolgist, with a qualification in health economics from UCT, Dr Ruff has been involved in the Healthcare sector for over 20 years with experience in Strategic Health Management, Macro-economic models of the SA Private Sector, Clinical data analysis on the and cost and quality of healthcare services, and collaborative supply side innovation.

Dr Howard P Manyonga


Dr. Howard Manyonga is a health systems practitioner and an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.  He has extensive experience in sexual and reproductive health services in the NGO and commercial sectors. He has served on various national and provincial technical working committees for obstetric and neonatal care, and contraception and fertility planning. In 2016 he partnered with PPO Serve to develop team based maternity care hence, The Birthing Team™ model. He has led the commissioning of 4 teams across RSA. Howard specialised in the UK, was then a Research Fellow in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at UCT Groote Schuur Hospital before going into private practice in Cape Town. Howard currently heads up The Birthing Team™ at PPO Serve. He has few regrets.

Dr Visegan Subrayen

 Visegan has diverse experience across the South African healthcare landscape having worked as a clinician in the public sector and a senior manager involved in health systems in the private sector. The design and implementation of innovative and disruptive solutions to improve accessibility is a driving mission. He is a dentist and ,prior to joining PPO Serve, was a consultant in the hospital commissioning space. Further experience involves two entrepreneurial ventures after completing a Master in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town.

Erin Magongo

Erin has 14 years working experience within industries that include Healthcare and Corporate companies. Her responsibilities have included Corporate Governance, Company Administration and Compliance and Legal and Human Resources services. She is PPO Serve’s company secretary handling the business’s governance, compliance, labour relations and payroll activities. Erin holds an LLB degree from the University of Pretoria and a PDBA (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration) from GIBS. Erin started her career in Swaziland with various corporate companies before joining PPO Serve. She is an avid traveller and enjoys reading, experiencing new cultures and meeting people.

The Foundation of Professional Development was established in 1997, as a higher education institute. FPD’s mission is to catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions

FPD are an ideal partner for PPO Serve in terms of technical expertise, breath of operations, healthcare credibility and influence.


Stone Three develops bespoke enterprise software engineering solutions for industry leaders. Through the process of co-discovery, we have partnered with each other to overcome the healthcare system’s technological challenges of having a system that is more than just an EMR. The Intelligent Care System is one that will enable the Integrated Clinical Consortia to not only bring their encounter data to the team, but allow for measuring and monitoring of their daily work and the performance of the ICC™ for reporting to the medical schemes.


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