PPO Serve

Value-based care puts patients first.

Our approach offers medical scheme patients improved healthcare, comprehensive out-of-hospital benefits, and guidance at no extra cost.

More Value, Better Care

The key to personalised healthcare for patients.

With our support, GP practices have the systems to provide their medical scheme patients with healthcare tailored to their unique medical requirements.

Better benefits

Patients’ out-of-hospital primary healthcare benefits do not run out.


Collaborating teams work together to provide optimal care to patients.


Care coordinators provide guidance and assist in making treatment choices.

Prudent spending

Well-managed care leads to affordable premiums for patients.

Why Value-Based Care?

Discover a healthcare programme designed around the needs of patients.

We’ve created a system that supports and rewards doctors for comprehensively looking after their patients, to optimise their health. By going to a GP practice in the programme, you get holistic healthcare all year long, not just when you are sick.

More support

A team of medical professionals assists GP Practices in providing care.

Friendly faces

A friendly care coordinators monitor your health and answer your questions.

Care plans

The advantage of a healthcare plan that is designed specifically for you.

Shared info

Multidisciplinary teams share patient info to understand your needs.

Holistic Healthcare

The healthier you are, the more successful your GP Practice is.

The programme is committed to putting your health first because the doctors in the programme are supported and rewarded for having good patient healthcare results, you are in good hands.

How Does It Work?

Any contracted medical scheme member can get value-based care!

All you need to receive holistic healthcare is to register and agree to join our programme with a doctor who is part of our network and is providing value-based care.

Getting started
Giving consent
Who Can Qualify?

Value-based care is widely accessible and easy to join.

All GEMS members can receive value-based care from participating doctors and their practices. If you are not a GEMS member, you can stay in the loop to see when your medical scheme joins.

Stay In The Loop

View enrolled GPs and get updates.

GP practices

Find out if your doctor is part of our programme. If not, you can nominate them or find a doctor that is already enrolled.

Medical schemes

Not a GEMS member? Sign up to receive updates on when your medical scheme joins us to provide value-based care.

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