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Value-driven primary healthcare.

The Value Care Team is a programme to fix South Africa’s dysfunctional healthcare system using a value-based care model.

How It Works

How does The Value Care Team Work?

Multidisciplinary teams built around GP practices provide integrated care for shared patients and ensure success in value-based care contracts with medical schemes.

Building up
A Positive Impact

Making a Difference.

Our innovative approach supports and rewards GPs, promotes holistic patient care and cuts waste and reduces costs for medical schemes.

  • Smarter structuring

    Global fees replace fee-for-service payments, reflect case complexity, support teams and boost accountability.

  • System optimisation

    Boosting PHC reduces costly hospitalisations, simplifies practice admin and optimises SA’s healthcare system.

  • A low-risk model

    Value-based care contracts transfer no financial risk from schemes to the clinical team and fees are guaranteed.

For Clinicians and Patients

Providing more value to both doctors and patients.

GPs get the support of a team, the clinical IT system, fund management and a guaranteed income while patients receive limitless benefits, proactive care, and guidance.

Looking to join The Value Care Team?

We are always looking for experienced healthcare professionals to join our multidisciplinary team!

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