PPO Serve

The Intelligent Care System.

Clinical IT support ensures that multidisciplinary teams can share accurate patient data and make informed decisions.

Smart Workflow Management

What is The Intelligent Care System?

A condition and circumstance-driven workflow management system for the team based on clinical protocols and guidelines.

Informed Decisions

It gives scheduled tasks and clinical decision support linked to the relative complexity and severity of patient issues.


It imports patient scheme data, enables the capture of new severity and disability info and suggests appropriate care plans.

"At PPO Serve, we believe every patient’s care journey should be proactively managed and customized for their individual needs, then delivered efficiently and effectively by competent care teams."

– Dr Brian Ruff | CEO

Encompassing Design

How does The Intelligent Care System work?

It’s a scalable cloud-based system that supports team healthcare delivery, The Value Care Team and other products.

Data Capturing

It collects disease severity, frailty and social challenge data. Nurse care coordinators use it for detailed data collection.

Optimising Care

Insights are used to refine care plans and give input into team performance reports to improve outcomes.

Systematic Success

Driving value with smart clinical IT support.

The system allows care teams to collaborate, share information and enable good population health outcomes by alerting them to significant patient risks, prompting appropriate care and facilitating monitoring.

Moving Forward

Evolving care with
patient-centric architecture.

The Intelligent Care System is an innovative departure from the conventional electronic medical record because it is patient and not clinician centred.

For Patients And Clinicians

Efficient and consistent care management.

The Intelligent Care System gives multidisciplinary teams and practices the means to collaborate and provide proactive patient care.

Driving Clarity

The system components.

Care plans
Patient data
Smart tools

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